Install and sync only the specific apps needed.
Say goodbye to the slow iTunes full sync.


Import mp3 files, and they'll get converted to compatible ringtones automatically.


Create contact group, import Outlook contacts, all from your desktop empowered with large display and full keyboard.


Import ebooks to your iBooks. iClover also detects popular ebook reader on your device.


Edit memos and save them on the device. You can also import any text files as new memos.


Organize icons in an easy way.

Voice Memo

Transfer voice memos from your iPhone to computer.

Ringtone Maker

Tired of the default Marimba ringtone? Create your own unique ones using mp3 music.

Video transfer

Convert .rmvb, .mkv, .avi videos to mp4 format, and import them to video player.


iClover also manages iTunes U, Podcasts, MV, TV shows and more. More features including restore data, remove password, change mobile operator icon, etc. are coming soon.