First release!
Please note that this is a free trial beta version and it will expire on 2013/09/01. It will be updated to stable version after that day.
  1. Manage apps
    • Manage .ipa files on computer.
    • Install & uninstall apps without full sync.
    • Update apps from Apple App Store.
    • Share files to apps with file sharing support.
  2. Manage music
    • Manage music stored on computer, edit music info, album cover and lyric.
    • Import music to device.
    • Export and delete music from device.
    • Create, modify and delete playlist on device.
  3. Manage photos
    • Import photos from computer to device.
    • Export and delete photos from device.
    • Share photos to popular social network sites.
  4. Clear trash
    • Clear trash files that are occupying space and slowing down your device.
  5. Other features
    • Manage videos, iTunes U, TV Show, Podcast and Voice Memo.
    • Change ringtone.
    • Manage eBooks.
    • Manage Contacts, notes, etc.
    • Access the device's file system.
    • Organize icons on device.
    • Convert video for mobile playback, create ringtones from music files, etc.
We just released a new version of iClover for you to continue to use the software for free.
  1. Support management of music, videos and photo album for iOS 7.
  2. Added Traditional Chinese support.
  3. Fixed some bugs.